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RedXDefense offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions for combating threats. Our innovative technology offers law enforcement, homeland defense and military the latest in creative products that provide solutions to their real-life security challenges. RedX products range from our field-proven ruggedized, portable, trace explosive detectors that are ideally suited for hard-use military applications to our newest lightweight, hand-held units that detect narcotics, homemade and high explosives, and gunshot residue.



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"We have solved 2 drive by shootings using the XCAT to swab the outside of the vehicle and we have used it several times to swab individuals."

Richard Phillips
Police | ASAC / Special Investigations Unit
City of Griffin Police Department, Griffin, GA

"Recently we had a homicide and we had 3 suspects in custody. XCAT tested positive on two which helped the bad guys talk and kick in to it. A better story, we had a neighborhood shooting where 2 males were taken into custody after being seen running after the shots were fired. The detectives spoke with the males who claimed they didn't see anything and were not involved. The detectives believed them and were ready to release them. I then used XCAT and received a positive hit on one of the males. The detectives then went back at him and he confessed to holding the gun at one point. This is a great tool."

Sgt. C. Skok
Cleveland Heights PD, OH

“… I have personally used this kit (XCAT) in teaching shooting reconstruction in a dozen courses across the country as well as tested it within my own laboratory, and could not be more pleased with the results."
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Jan Johnson, President/Owner
Forensic Pieces, Inc

“We’ve had people say they didn’t fire a shot or they didn’t fire it at the person or something, and when they see that light turn red right in front of them, they change their story. The XCAT has directly lead to several arrests”

Tommy Hudson, Homicide Detective
Little Rock Arkansas Police Department




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