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RedXDefense offers a comprehensive suite of narcotics, explosives, and gunshot residue detectors for combating threats. Our innovative products address the needs of the military, homeland security, businesses, and law enforcement.

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XCAT at 2015 Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities – the largest gathering of highway safety professionals in the U.S

See an XCAT demo at the Lifesavers National Conference
Chicago, March 15-17, 2015

Lifeloc Technologies booth # 1232

"The field-test kit killer: How the XCAT instantly detects contraband in the field" an article on PoliceOne.com

Less time, less substance needed to detect everything from narcotics and gunshot residue to explosives. Read about the XCAT on PoliceOne.com.


Read about the XCAT in POLICE Magazine.
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Watch the XCAT in the latest CSI episode!

Watch the XCAT performing in the opening scene of the latest CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode here >>>

RedXDefense Slashes Price of XCAT Narcotics Sampling Cards- Improves GSR Performance

ROCKVILLE, MD - (Marketwire – February 4, 2014) RedXDefense, a leader in the field of narcotics, explosives and gunshot residue detection equipment, announced today a 37% reduction in the cost of the narcotics sampling cards for the XCAT handheld detection system. In addition, the Company has released a new gunshot residue sampling card with an adhesive strip to further improve sample collection.
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The XCAT on the cover of Law Enforcement Product News, Feb. 2014 issue

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XCAT featured as hi-tech HOT PRODUCT in Law Officer mag


RedXDefense's XCAT Verified for Use in a Presumptive Drug Field Testing Program
Narcotics, Explosives, and Gunshot Residue Detection System Receives High Marks From Independent Lab

ROCKVILLE, MD--(Marketwired - Aug 22, 2013) -  Today RedXDefense, a leader in the field of narcotics, explosives and gunshot residue detection equipment, announced the release of the independent lab test report for the XCAT handheld detection system. The National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) evaluated the XCAT's performance to detect the presence of commonly encountered illicit drugs. The test included a wide range of substances including bath salts, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. "Samples in Trace Sensitivity and Conformity, Solid Sample Sensitivity, Environmental Challenge, and Real World Cases were 100% correct and reproducible."
The independent evaluation noted that the data from this evaluation demonstrated that the XCAT is a very effective tool for the presumptive identification of illicit drugs. 

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XCAT VA Approval

August 23, 2013.  The XCAT has been evaluated and approved as a narcotics field test-kit by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Forensic Science for use in accordance with the Regulations for the Approval of Field Tests for the Detection of Drugs. 

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RedXDefense launches the XCAT Handheld Detector

The XCAT handheld detection system features automated, one-step detection of narcotics, homemade and high explosives, and gunshot residue. Among the intended users are: law enforcement, the military, federal agencies (FBI, CIA, DOI, DEA, DOS), border control, forensics experts, commercial security, special events screening, home & business (parental, insurance).

The XCAT is designed for sampling suspicious drugs and other substances on hands, vehicles, packages and surfaces. The unit displays a red or green light signal to the user simply indicating 'detection' or 'no detection' with no interpretation, no color charts, no spraying and no chemical exposure.

The next generation XPAK G2

In response to the persistent worldwide IED problem, RedX has developed the next generation XPAK G2 with expanded range of explosives detection capability. The list of detectable explosives now includes HME (Homemade Explosives) making the XPAK G2 an effective tool in combatting IEDs. Call us for a demo today.

XPAK G2 Spec Sheet PDF XPAK G2 Salient Characteristics PDF





"Recently we had a homicide and we had 3 suspects in custody. XCAT tested positive on two which helped the bad guys talk and kick in to it. A better story, we had a neighborhood shooting where 2 males were taken into custody after being seen running after the shots were fired. The detectives spoke with the males who claimed they didn't see anything and were not involved. The detectives believed them and were ready to release them. I then used XCAT and received a positive hit on one of the males. The detectives then went back at him and he confessed to holding the gun at one point. This is a great tool."

Sgt. C. Skok
Cleveland Heights PD, OH

“Thanks for a great product! We used the XCAT to swab an unattended suitcase outside the church and were able to clear it without calling the City Bomb Squad. A scary package can be a lot less scary once you know it’s a nothing deal!”

Dale Nelson
Public Safety Manager
Grace Church Eden Prairie, MN

“… I have personally used this kit (XCAT) in teaching shooting reconstruction in a dozen courses across the country as well as tested it within my own laboratory, and could not be more pleased with the results."
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Jan Johnson, President/Owner
Forensic Pieces, Inc

“We’ve had people say they didn’t fire a shot or they didn’t fire it at the person or something, and when they see that light turn red right in front of them, they change their story. The XCAT has directly lead to several arrests”

Tommy Hudson, Homicide Detective
Little Rock Arkansas Police Department

"The XCAT has become a good piece of equipment to help us check things farther away from the terminal because it's so por­table, and we'll use it if the K-9s aren't avail­able. We like the ease of use and quick results.

Everybody understood the concept. I mean it only works one way; the sampling card only goes in one way. We call it cop-proof. If a cop couldn't break it and could figure it out, it was going to work for us.

Around here we like to get these things resolved quickly because of the trickle-down effect with the airlines. Should we have to close a gate to check an unattended bag, we can show up with the XCAT, swab it, put the sample card into the unit, and have a result back in under one minute. And that really speeds things up for us."

Gerald Clinger
Assistant Chief
Indianapolis Airport Police Department

"The XCAT is one of the most valuable tools we’ve recently received. We had the demo sent to us and tested it in the lab. After seeing the results we started using it in the field. Within days we had used it on several cases and got great results. This is such a great investigative tool! We are so pleased that there is finally a reliable presumptive GSR that can also be retained and later tested on a SEM for confirmation. We didn’t want to send the demo back until we had our own in the lab! The folks at RedXDefense were fantastic and worked hard with us to help us justify and ultimately purchase the system. Thanks again RedXDefense!"

Kelly Donaldson A2559, CLPE, CFWE
Senior Crime Lab Analyst
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
Crime Lab Unit

"I would recommend all airports get an XCAT. It is an effective, yet inexpensive tool for you to use to clear unattended bags without having to ask TSA."

Captain Steve Johnson, ACE
Richmond Co. Marshal's Office
Airport Division

"The XCAT provides law enforcement officers with the ability to determine quickly and effectively if the subject they have detained or under arrest has been exposed to GSR. This is ideal in that the typical method of sampling usually requires tests kits that need to be forwarded to a lab for evaluation and end results… ultimately leaving an investigation with no rapid results. The quick and easy return in the field can save time and allows the investigating officer to determine the case direction. The XCAT is also ideal to use in situations where multiple persons are detained for an investigation and determining who was ultimately responsible for the firearm crime. In homicide, suspicious deaths or questionable suicides with firearms the quick results aid investigators with information that can support or refute suspect/witness statements allowing the detectives the opportunity to use the fast results for investigation/interview efforts.."

Detective CSI Joanna Grivetti Richmond (CA) Police Department Homicide Unit

"I ordered some of these units (XCATs) and as with any new technology there was some skepticism. However, we conducted controlled field tests using explosives, GSR and several different forms of narcotics. Our tests were nothing short of rigorous, testing several known positives and known negatives. All test results were accurate. We've since implemented the use of the XCATs with much success. I highly recommend these units to investigative teams who are in search of a presumptive testing system that is very user friendly, durable and most importantly accurate!"

Captain Gerald Savoy
Bureau of Investigation
Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office

"We are a very small agency in Indiana. We use our XCAT primarily to detect METH. We have nothing but good things to say about the system. With the red light/green light function, the XCAT is a step up in field testing. Our prosecutor also likes the system."

Earl Hough
Patrolman 1st Class / EVO Instructor
Berne Police Department
Berne, IN

"I just thought you would like to know that the unit (XPAK) that we returned for service has been in daily operation (at least 5-days a week) since it was purchased in 2009. Remarkable reliability if you ask me."

Brett E. Higginbotham

"Thanks for the great product (XPAK). It gets used and abused here daily and I've yet to have a problem with it."

SFC, US Army
Force Protection NCOIC
FOB (Location Classified)

“Once again thank you and the staff there at RedXDefense, your service and support has been outstanding. You are one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Please pass this on to the owners that we are very pleased with your equipment and service.”

Lt. John W. Glassey
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Law Enforcement Department





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