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See XCAT at ISDEF 7th International Defence & HLS EXPO in Israel

June 2-4 2015, Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Center, Hall #1, Tel Aviv, Israel


XCAT at 2015 Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities – the largest gathering of highway safety professionals in the U.S

See an XCAT demo at the Lifesavers National Conference
Chicago, March 15-17, 2015

Lifeloc Technologies booth # 1232


Read about the XCAT in POLICE Magazine.
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Watch the XCAT in the latest CSI episode!

Watch the XCAT performing in the opening scene of the latest CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode here >>>

RedXDefense Slashes Price of XCAT Narcotics Sampling Cards- Improves GSR Performance

ROCKVILLE, MD - (Marketwire – February 4, 2014) RedXDefense, a leader in the field of narcotics, explosives and gunshot residue detection equipment, announced today a 37% reduction in the cost of the narcotics sampling cards for the XCAT handheld detection system. In addition, the Company has released a new gunshot residue sampling card with an adhesive strip to further improve sample collection.
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The XCAT on the cover of Law Enforcement Product News, Feb. 2014 issue

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XCAT featured as hi-tech HOT PRODUCT in Law Officer mag


XCAT at 2015 Combined International Homemade Explosives (HME) Working Group and International Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Working Group Workshop

Organized by the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) in conjunction with the New York City Police Department (NYPD). Where: Sheraton Times Square; 811 7th Ave at 52nd Street, New York, NY.
See us on Jan. 22nd, at table #13


XCAT at INTERSEC Trade Fair in Dubai, UAE

See the XCAT at Intersec Trade Fair in Dubai, UAE, Booth #S3-A39
Jan. 18-20, Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE



Watch the XCAT on CSI this Sunday (Nov 2nd)!

By popular demand - the XCAT is back on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation this Sunday (Nov 2nd).


XCAT at 17th Annual Defence Industry Forum, Wellington, NZ

See the XCAT at Tactical Solutions Corporation's Booth #21, 22
Oct. 21-22, Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington, NZ

XCAT at MPRA Expo and IACP Conference

See an XCAT demo at these events:
>>> MPRA Expo - booth #37 Sept. 17-19, 2014
, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
>>> IACP Conference - booth #673 Oct. 25-28, 2014, Orlando, FL (Orange County Convention Center).

XCAT at the IAI Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota

See the XCAT at IAI in Missouri

Forensic Source, Booth #317
Arrowhead Scientific, Inc, Booth #533
Forensic Pieces, Booth #703


XCAT at the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police (GACP) Summer Training Conference, Savannah, GA

See an XCAT demo at booth# 1005

XCAT at NSA Annual Conference and Exhibition in Fort Worth, TX

See an XCAT demo at National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference and Exhibition - booth #1203
June 20-25, 2014
Fort Worth, Texas

XCAT at NSA/MCSA WInter Conference in Washington DC

National Sheriffs’ Association Winter Conference
January 20-24, 2014
Washington, DC

See an XCAT demo at Milipol Paris 2013, November 19- 22, SUNROCK booth #5 N 061


POLICE® magazine selects XCAT as one of the year’s "12 Really Cool New Police Products" >>> read more
Technology and innovation keep pushing the bar higher for law enforcement tools

"... often the only new thing about new products is a slight improvement or even adjustment. But occasionally there are some products that make us think, “Hey, that’s cool.”
Here’s a look at some products that really impressed or intrigued the POLICE staff in the last 12 months or so."
David Griffith, POLICE® The Law Enforcement Magazine

>>> David Griffith's article "THE PALM-SIZED CHEMIST", POLICE Magazine


RedX Sponsors ALEAN Fall Conference
October 1 -2, 2013, Las Vegas


XCAT featured at IACP Conference in Philadelphia, PA

See a demo of RedX products at IACP - International Association of Chiefs of Police 120th Annual Conference and Law Enforcement Education and Technology Exposition


XCAT featured at IAI Expo in Providence, RI

See a demo of RedX products at IAI – International Association for Identification, 98th International Educational Conference
August 4-10, 2013
Providence, Rhode Island

RedXDefense launches the XCAT Handheld Detector

The XCAT handheld detection system features automated, one-step detection of narcotics, homemade and high explosives, and gunshot residue. Among the intended users are: law enforcement, the military, federal agencies (FBI, CIA, DOI, DEA, DOS), border control, forensics experts, commercial security, special events screening, home & business (parental, insurance).

The XCAT is designed for sampling suspicious drugs and other substances on hands, vehicles, packages and surfaces. The unit displays a red or green light signal to the user simply indicating 'detection' or 'no detection' with no interpretation, no color charts, no spraying and no chemical exposure.

SafeTactics Presents the XPAK to European Defense Organizations

ROCKVILLE, MD – Nov 15, 2010 –The XPAK will be presented at three European events in December by Safe Tactics BV, a Dutch company providing Tactical Technology Solutions for the Law Enforcement- and Military special forces community.

Nov. 18, 2010 - 22nd NIDV symposium “Rich in Opportunity” Exhibition for Defence, security and the business community in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
It is hosted by the Netherlands Defence Manufacturers Association (Stichting Nederlandse Industrie voor Defensie en Veiligheid) which promotes the involvement of Dutch industry regarding procurements and assignments of the Ministry of Defence.

Dec. 2, 2010 - The Dutch Royal Military Engineers Symposium which is held at the The Dutch Royal Military Academy (Koninklijke Militaire Academie), in Breda, The Netherlands.

Dec. 8, 2010 - The NATO Military Engineering Centre of Excellence in Ingolstadt, Germany. The COE is a military organization manned and funded by contributions from 15 NATO nations. It is a member of the Centre of Excellence network as coordinated by Headquarters Suppreme Allied Command for Transformation in support of NATO, the COE's sponsoring nations and other customers.


XPAK-i in 2010 Tactical Expo Day

ROCKVILLE, MD – May 28, 2010 –The XPAK-i will be presented at the 2010 Tactical Expo Day in Camp LeJeune, NC organized by Darley Defense on June 8, 2010. The show will feature the latest tactical gear and combat technology.


U.S. Marine Corps with Royal Thai Military Conduct
Successful Field Evaluation of XPAK-i

ROCKVILLE, MD – Aug 28, 2009 – U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific, Experimentation Center (MEC) successfully field evaluated XPAK-i, explosives detection system with GPS data logging capabilities, in conjunction with the Royal Thai military under the Crimson Viper Experiment. Additional field data in the operational environment in Thailand will be collected and reevaluation is scheduled under Exercise Cobra Gold in the coming year.

The XPAK-i system allows operators to collect and analyze trace explosives data over a wide target area, record samples with barcode and GPS data, preserve samples for further forensics, and using RedX’s proprietary XPAK SPOTLIGHT Software, download data and map it to quickly identify patterns of activity or ‘hot’ zones. XPAK-i combines the XPAK portable trace explosives detection system with the iMODULE geolocation, referencing, and data logging tool and XPAK SPOTLIGHT Software for the visualization and analysis of this data. The entire system provides the most streamlined system available today in support of nodal analysis that targets terrorist networks and facilities. The XPAK-i was launched in 2007 and currently is in use by foreign and U.S Military, civilian, and private sector customers. The first XPAK-i systems have been deployed by the Combat Support Directorate of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to Iraq and Afghanistan in support of operations in theater.


Allen Vanguard to Distribute RedXDefense’s XPAK Explosives Detector Worldwide

ROCKVILLE, MD - May 28, 2009 – RedXDefense, LLC and Allen-Vanguard Corporation have entered into an agreement focused on distribution of RedX’s XPAK Portable Explosives Detection System throughout Allen-Vanguard’s expansive international network. The XPAK is an ideal complement to Allen-Vanguard’s Counter-IED solution set and will be an integral part of the Company’s SearchTec™ offerings, in keeping with NATO Standards. The unit can be deployed in both military and civil environments, giving it worldwide applications.

“This relationship is a natural fit for our respective organizations and will directly benefit our customers by providing them with a sophisticated tool in their Counter-IED operations,” commented David E. Luxton, President and CEO, Allen-Vanguard. “The XPAK has already proven itself under the harsh conditions of combat theatres and we look forward to bringing it to military, police and public safety specialists across our distribution network as part of our comprehensive Counter-IED capability.”

Deployed since 2007, the XPAK is in use by foreign and U.S. Military, civilian, and private sector customers. Example applications include force protection, vehicle check points, clearance of unattended packages or cargo, and as a complement to canines. To date, the XPAK has had outstanding performance even in austere field environments such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

RedX CEO, Regina Dugan, comments, “We are greatly enthusiastic about this alliance, which is focused on providing better capabilities for combating terrorism worldwide. These capabilities are comprised of improved systems for explosives screening in a variety of applications such as at check points. But also, importantly, on completely integrated solutions for moving the fight “left of boom” by attacking terrorist networks and facilities.”


RedXDefense Launches Streamlined System for Collection and
Analysis of Tactical and Strategic Trace Explosives Data

ROCKVILLE, MD - May 18, 2009 – RedXDefense announced today the worldwide launch of XPAK-i. XPAK-i combines the XPAK portable trace explosives detection system with the i-MODULE geolocation, referencing, and data logging tool and XPAK Spotlight Software for the visualization and analysis of this data. The entire system provides the most streamlined system available today in support of nodal analysis that targets terrorist networks and facilities. The XPAK was launched in 2007 and currently is in use by foreign and U.S Military, civilian, and private sector customers. The first XPAK-i systems have been deployed by the Combat Support Directorate of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to Iraq and Afghanistan in support of operations in theater.

CEO, Regina Dugan, comments, “We have long believed in the wide scale deployment of rugged detectors and the systematic collection and visualization of trace explosives data as a means for identifying bomb makers and bomb-making facilities. The introduction of the XPAK-i is the next step in our commitment to this objective. Our products are motivated by a new conceptual framework for fighting terrorism that is intent on identifying the source of the explosive activity so that it can be disrupted and eliminated. Every feature, every product and solution, is focused on this goal.”

The XPAK-i system allows operators to collect and analyze trace explosives data over a wide target area, record samples with barcode and GPS data, preserve samples for further forensics, and using RedX’s proprietary Spotlight Software, download data and map it to quickly identify patterns of activity or ‘hot’ zones.

The addition of the XPAK-i to the product offerings shows RedX’s commitment to providing complete solutions for defense against explosive threats.


DoD Deploys XPAK Explosives Detection Systems to Iraq and Afghanistan

ROCKVILLE, MD - January 19, 2009 – The Combat Support Directorate of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) will deploy 50 RedXDefense Portable Trace Explosives Detection Systems to Iraq and Afghanistan for advanced combat evaluation by March of 2009.

The proposed concept of operation will use the XPAK for wide area explosives screening as a means of identifying individuals and facilities engaged in bomb-making activities. The ultimate goal is to move the counter IED fight significantly ‘left of boom’ by utilizing the XPAK as part of an organic data collection toolkit to develop actionable intelligence. This requires product features for which the XPAK is a clear leader: portability, ruggedness, affordability, ease of training, and ease of use. The system has no warm up time, no hot sample clear down, a full training program of less than a day, and utilizes standard AA batteries. Arguably, it has the most field ‘up time’ of any trace explosives detection device available today.

CEO, Regina Dugan, comments, “Our goal at RedX is to change the nature of this fight. We believe that if we fight the IED at the side of the road, we will always lose. The XPAK was developed as part of a new conceptual framework for fighting terrorism that is focused on identifying the source of the explosive activity so that it can be disrupted and eliminated. Every feature is focused on this goal.”


Frost & Sullivan Names RedXDefense 2008 U.S. Explosives Detection Product Innovation Leader

Rockville, MD – Oct 6, 2008 – RedXDefense, LLC announced today that the Company has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2008 North American Explosives Detection Product Differentiation of the Year Award.  This Best Practices Award is presented each year to the Company that has best demonstrated the ability to develop and advance products with more innovative capabilities than competing vendors and products.

“The technology and even the company, RedX, could be considered highly disruptive,” comments David Fishering, Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst.  “RedXDefense is positioned to take advantage of the unmet needs that still exist for security professionals.”

RedXDefense’s portable explosives detection system, the XPAK, entered the market in 2007 and is deployed within the military and private sector.  Rugged, intuitive, and affordable, the XPAK foregoes fragile, sensitive and complex electronics, instead employing the company’s proprietary fluorescent detection ink and robust electro-mechanical components.  It is simple to use, train, and maintain, with features such as instant-on, standard AA battery power, and no calibration or hot sample cleanout requirement. 

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“Although the XPAK’s specifications make it an impressive detection system, the real differentiator is price.  At just over half of the cost of competing systems, the XPAK is much more affordable. The low cost of the system, combined with the intuitive design, ease of use, and ruggedness, gives the XPAK the potential to rapidly proliferate throughout the end-user community, increasing detection capabilities,” cites Fishering of Frost & Sullivan.

Expert in the field of counter-terrorism, RedX’s leadership has developed a unique strategy, the Bookends©, which focuses product development on identifying bombers, bomb-makers, and bomb-making facilities.  In addition to the XPAK, RedX develops complementary software tools and the XPRO Kiosk, an innovative guest screening system that is entertaining, dynamic, and fast.

RedX’s suite of products challenges legacy notions of security, thereby positioning the Company for continued success.

Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development.  Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research in order to identify best practices in the industry.

Full Award write-up


U.S. Park Police uses XPAK for Explosives Screening during National Mall Independence Day Celebration

ROCKVILLE, MD – July 25, 2008 – After less than one hour of operational instruction, U.S. Park Police effectively used XPAKs to screen packages from randomly chosen attendees at the National Mall Celebration on the 4th of July.   Over 500 personal belongings such as purses, duffle bags, coolers, and backpacks were screened over 9 hours of continuous screening operations.  Tests were conducted throughout the day in temperatures upward of 85 degrees plus high humidity; the XPAK operated without failure and without false alarms. 

“The XPAK met the needs of the U.S. Park Police for the broad venue on the 4th of July for trace explosive screening of people and their belongings as they entered the Monument grounds,” commented Lt. Peter Shannon, Commander, ICON Security, one of the primary operators of the XPAK.  “The XPAK is simple, easy to use, and extremely rugged – essential attributes for a system used for long periods of time in tough field conditions.”

The XPAK, currently deployed in both military and homeland security applications, utilizes a proprietary detection ink that enables arguably the simplest, fastest, and most affordable method to date for the detection of trace amounts of explosives. The technology, developed and exclusively licensed from University of California, San Diego, and further developed by RedX, has many potential uses, including the detection of trace explosives on hands, objects, and vehicles indicative of explosives handling activities and in rapid, widespread screening applications as in mass transit, large events, and visitor centers.


Chris HunterEight Lives Down

Major Chris Hunter, Former British Armed Forces Senior IED Intelligence Analyst, Joins RedXDefense Advisory Board

Rockville, MD – July 7, 2008 – RedXDefense announces new Strategic Advisory Board Member, Major Chris Hunter.  Major Hunter retired from the British Armed Forces in 2007 as their senior worldwide IED intelligence analyst. In 2005, he was awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal for his actions in Iraq.  He has written a best-selling memoir, Eight Lives Down and is considered one of the world’s leading experts on countering IEDs. 

During much of his 17-year military career, he specialized in overt and covert operations in support of specialist police and military counter terrorism units. Hunter was involved in the planning and execution of numerous anti-terrorist arrest operations around the world, played an instrumental role during the July 2005 London bombings as one of the country’s leading suicide terrorism subject matter experts, and served multiple tours in diverse operational environments from Northern Ireland to Colombia.  In addition to his vast operational experience, Major Hunter has designed numerous Counter-IED related training seminars, courses and exercises. He is highly experienced and qualified in all aspects of weapons intelligence and EOD.

“If we want to win the counter-IED fight, we need to attack and defeat every aspect of the bomb maker’s network,” said Major Hunter.  “RedX’s XPAK not only allows us to find the bomb maker, it facilitates the rapid identification of every member of his network.  I am fiercely proud to be working with RedXDefense.  Theirs is the most advanced yet user-friendly detector I have ever seen. I wouldn’t deploy on operations without it.”

RedXDefense CEO, Dr. Dugan, comments, “RedX is honored to join forces with Major Hunter in our efforts to combat the global threat of IEDs.  We begin our working relationship from a shared perspective, namely that it is vital to develop the means to identify bomb makers and bomb-making networks.  And he is a continuing reminder of the integrity, bravery, and sacrifice of those we endeavor to help with new solutions.”


XPAK Portable Trace Explosives Detection System Featured in Technology Review

Rockville, MD – 5 June 2008 – RedXDefense's portable explosives detection system, the XPAK, is featured in the Nanotech section of Technology Review published by MIT. In the article, Katherine Bourzac discusses the polymer technology developed by William Trogler at the University of California, San Diego, and the XPAK, a rugged, easy to use, portable explosives detection system that employs the technology. The XPAK is currently used by the military and private sector security organizations.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008
"Portable Plastic Explosives Detector - An explosives detector that uses luminescent polymers is being field-tested in Iraq."
By Katherine Bourzac

Handprint credit: William Trogler, UCSD

>> Click to go to the article __________>> more about XPAK


“New Methods for Defeating IEDs”
Regina Dugan Guest Speaker at IED 2008

Rockville, MD –-  9 May 2008 –- Dr. Regina E. Dugan, RedXDefense President & CEO, will speak on May 14th at the upcoming IED 2008 Symposium & Expo in Fayetteville NC.   This event investigates options for mitigation and defeat of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) with exhibits and presentations scheduled to encourage the exchange of ideas and information between military leaders, government agencies, law enforcement personnel, researchers and industry. RedX will showcase their portable explosives detection system, the XPAK, in the show floor demonstrations and exhibit.

Dr. Dugan’s speech will focus on innovative ideas for defeating IEDs.  She will present the ‘Bookends’ theory which illustrates what most commanders know intuitively and provides an organizing construct against which solutions may be tested.  This construct describes the combinatorial explosion of possibilities when types of weapons and means of delivery are matched with potential targets, and suggests new strategies for combatting the threat.


CSI: MIAMI Uses RedXDefense XPAK to Solve Crime

Rockville, MD – 24 April 2008 – RedXDefense's portable explosives detection system, the XPAK, will be featured on the popular CBS television series, CSI: MIAMI, on Monday, April 28th.  In this episode, entitled "Tunnel Vision," the show's main characters will use the XPAK as a tool to help solve a crime.  Viewers will be taken inside the XPAK as the explosives detection occurs.

"We are excited to showcase the XPAK in a forensic application.  Often explosives detection is all about 'finding the bomb', but at RedXDefense we believe the fight against terrorism begins much earlier.  By detecting trace amounts of explosives on people, packages, vehicles and many other surfaces, the XPAK serves as a useful tool for gathering evidence on bomb-making facilities and bomb-makers. RedX is committed to working with senior military, homeland security, and private sector security officials on expanding this capability", comments RedX CEO, Dr. Regina E. Dugan.

Explosives detection viewed in the XPAK visor

The XPAK, currently deployed with the military and homeland security, utilizes a proprietary detection ink to achieve the simple, fast, and inexpensive method to detect trace amounts of explosives. The technology, developed and exclusively licensed from University of California, San Diego, has many potential uses, including the detection of trace explosives fingerprints left by someone who has handled explosives and the detection of trace explosives on objects or vehicles.


RedXDefense Contributes to Golden Guardian 2007-
California's Emergency Testing Exercise

Rockville, MD – 27 February 2008 – RedXDefense participated in California’s statewide homeland security and disaster preparedness exercise, Golden Guardian 2007. Originally created by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2004, Golden Guardian allows Southern California police, fire and medical personnel to prepare for their response to an emergency event. It is the largest exercise program of its kind. This year the event was hosted by the City of Anaheim, San Jose, and Stockton, with participation from more than 45 agencies and 3,000 first responders in local, state and federal agencies throughout California.

The exercise consisted of three simulated terrorism events involving Improvised Explosive Devices and Improvised Dispersal Devices at mass gathering facilities. RedX's XPAK was used in conjunction with the criminal intelligence officers during the questioning of suspects in the investigation of a simulated terrorist attack – an exploded bus. Suspects were tested for trace amounts of high explosives. The XPAK was operated during the entire exercise; successfully identified known threats included as part of the exercise, and had no false alarms.

Jennifer Sievering, RedX Security Solutions Engineer, commented that the real-life scenario demonstrated the usefulness of the XPAK for field intelligence gathering operations. "The XPAK allows us to identify persons that have been involved in bomb-making activities in addition to those who may be carrying an explosive weapon. We were able to demonstrate that even after an event, the XPAK is an important tool in efforts to find terrorists before they strike again."


Deputy Police Commissioner Endorses XPAK

Rockville, MD – 14 January 2008 – After a recent demonstration by O.O. Cook Industries of the RedXDefense portable explosives detection system, Bert Shirey, retired Deputy Police Commissioner from the Baltimore Police Department, commented that the XPAK was an excellent product with outstanding potential.

Mr. Shirey’s background includes nearly 38 years of law enforcement experience, predominantly in field and operational command positions.  During the demo, Mr. Shirey and the active law enforcement personnel present challenged the XPAK by requesting some spontaneous sampling of an FBI agent’s penknife and vehicle that had been exposed to explosives within the past 30 days.  The XPAK detected the trace explosives reliably and near instantaneously.

“I was most impressed by the accuracy of the XPAK in detecting trace explosives, its portability and ease of operation, and affordability”, comments Mr. Shirey.  “… the device would have great value as an investigative tool, crime scene processing, checkpoints, parcel and baggage screening, and such activities where technicians and dogs may not be required or unavailable to the user.  In this regard, I would also recommend the XPAK to private sector as well as for government deployment.

RedXDefense entered the market with the XPAK in the 3rd Quarter of this year.

O.O. Cook Industries, a RedX distributor, has four locations nationwide with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland and offices in Southern California, Atlanta and South Florida. Since 1998, O.O. Cook has provided a variety of products to security and police organizations, county and municipal teams, and hazmat and fire protection units as well as others.  O. O. Cook Industries is a woman owned business. [top]

XPAK Passes Independent Testing

Rockville, MD – 07 January 2008 – RedXDefense has completed independent lab testing on the XPAK and continues to test the product in operational settings.  "There is an acute need for robust explosives detection technology both in the US and abroad.  Ruggedness and ease of use have always been design priorities for RedX, because what matters is the capability delivered to users in real field settings. The results of these tests and the success of on-going field tests confirm that the XPAK can meet stringent operational and environmental field conditions", comments VP of Engineering, Dan Montgomery.

Environmental testing, drop testing, and emissions testing were performed at an independent lab in Baltimore, Maryland.

MIL-STD-810F Method 501.4, High temperature storage

MIL-STD-810F Method 502.4, Low temperature storage

MIL-STD-810F Method 507.4, Humidity

MIL-STD-810F Method 616.5, Mechanical Shock, Procedure IV, Transit Drop

FCC Part 15 Class A, EN 61326, and Industry Canada ICES-003, EMC emissions and immunity testing

RedX has also performed life cycle testing and will continue to undergo additional tests as deemed necessary.


XPRO Kiosk from RedXDefense featured as a "Product of the Month" by A&S Magazine

Rockville, MD November 2007– RedXDefense's XPRO Kiosk is featured in the "Product of the Month" listing of the A&S Magazine, "The Leading International Security Magazine for Professional Buyers"

A & S International
"The Leading International Security Magazine for Professional Buyers"
Nov. 2007 issue | 107


Click on image to see the article


Major Shipping Company Endorses RedXDefense
Portable Explosives Detection System
Rockville, MD – May 17, 2007 – After a four-day evaluation of RedXDefense’s portable explosives detection system, a major shipping company commented that the unit functioned as advertised and could satisfy a variety of current and future applications.

During the evaluation, testers at the major shipping company used the XPAK to examine samples obtained from a variety of packages. Types of packages sampled included palletized, shrink-wrapped, wood crates, and other shipping containers. The unit was tested in an operational environment for quality, durability, accuracy of testing results and personnel skill level required for training and operation.

Operators commented that samples were easy to obtain and that evaluating the samples for trace explosives was straight forward and intuitive.

“This is good news for the safety of our nation’s multi-modal shipping channels, which are so important to our country’s economic health,” said Roger Lay, VP of Sales at RedXDefense. “The success of this initiative means our customers can use the XPAK with confidence in screening packages whether it is a corporate mail room or our nation’s largest shipping hubs.”

Designed to support applications where reliability, cost, portability, and ease of use are paramount, the XPAK is well-suited for widespread screening of personnel, bags, and packages at entrances, check points, and in mailrooms.

The XPAK offers several advantages over other commercially-available systems. The system is less than 10 lbs., operates on standard AA batteries, requires no warm-up time, and may be easily re-supplied in the field. The optical detection system is instantaneous, requires no sensitive electronics, and provides an accurate result for all major classes of high explosives.

RedXDefense plans to enter the market with the XPAK in the 3rd Quarter of this year. Users will have the opportunity to demo the system at the upcoming IABTI show in Phoenix, Arizona, at FPED in Stafford, Virginia, and at ASIS 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. [top]


RedXDefense Selected for Multi-Million Dollar Effort to Develop Innovative Merger of Canine Detection and Technology

Rockville, MDFebruary 27, 2007The merger of canine detection and technology raises the bar for use of dogs in combating explosives threats. Commitment to the advancement of canine detection demonstrates RedXDefense’s corporate objective to become a total solution provider. The trained detector dog is an immediately available and adaptable sensing system for identifying explosive materials and is a common tool of first-responders as well as the military. RedXDefense has been closely involved with much of the recent cutting-edge scientific and operational work exploring the outer limits of canine olfactory capabilities conducted by a wide range of government, military and academic agencies.

Execution of this effort requires the novel use of technology to define and communicate the canine’s exceptional ability to discriminate odors paired with a fresh look at the role the human plays in interpreting results. It is expected to result in significant new capabilities and applications for canines across the entire spectrum of current military and civilian canine use.

RedX will lead this effort with support from Auburn University (AU) Engineering, Canine Detection and Research Institute and veterinarians at AU.

Ms. Lisa Albuquerque joins RedX as the company’s canine expert and project lead.

Ms. Albuquerque’s background includes over 28 years’ experience at all levels of military law enforcement, physical security and disaster preparedness planning, including employment in executive-level management positions. She is an expert on the training and employment of working dogs, having served as Military Working Dog (MWD) Program Manager and Assistant Force Protection Officer for the Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet, and as supervisor for all dog training conducted at the DoD Dog Center, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

Most recently, Ms. Albuquerque served as the technical advisor for canine projects within the Department of Defense.

Ms. Albuquerque’s education includes a Masters in Education from the University of West Florida (2004) and a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts (summa cum laude) Excelsior University (2001) [top]


DHS Awards Contract to RedXDefense to Develop Guest Screening System for Public Venues

High Throughput, Entertaining, Sustainable Business Model

Rockville, MD – 27 November, 2006 – RedXDefense announced today that the company has signed a contract with the Department of Homeland Security to develop a novel security system for guest screening. The RedXsystem offers venues an alternative to traditional security by eliminating business barriers that inhibit the implementation of security systems such as concerns about high costs, business image, and throughput.

Initially, individuals are to be screened for explosive trace residues indicative of terrorist bomb-making or explosives-handling activities; however, the system has the inherent advantage of being easily upgraded with different sensor technologies as technology improves or the threat changes. This permits the RedX system to be used as a consistent platform on which to deliver security solutions now and in the future, thus eliminating legacy investment concerns.

Multiple security kiosks positioned away from entry gates, in parking lots or other waiting areas, allow security personnel more time and space to react to potential threats. The system prints a “Keepsake,” which acts as a security pass, but is also a souvenir that can include venue and event information. The “Keepsake” also serves as an advertising medium. The distributed network of XPro kiosks is managed by RedEXPert, the decision support software that allows security professionals to observe guest interactions with the kiosk, standardize resolution of alarms, maintain historical records, and communicate alerts via email, cell phone, or blackberry.

This rapid prototyping contract is focused on improving existing technologies that can be developed and deployed quickly.

“We must offer sporting stadiums and theme parks security alternatives that successfully protect their facilities, guests, and employees without sacrificing their business objectives”, comments Dr. Dugan, RedX President & CEO.

RedX offers a complete suite of security products. In addition to the XPro Kiosk and RedEXPert software, RedX offers the XPAK, a robust, affordable, and portable system. All explosives detection systems utilize RedX’s proprietary fluorescent detection ink technology.[top]


General Paul Kern, Senior Counselor at The Cohen Group, Joins RedX Strategic Advisory Board
ROCKVILLE, MD – June 30, 2006 – RedXDefense introduces new Strategic Advisory Board Member, General Paul Kern.  Over his 40-year illustrious career in the United States Army, General Kern has served in diverse positions. From 1997 to 2001, Kern served as a Senior Advisor for Army Research, Development, and Acquisition where he provided guidance on all research, development, and acquisition programs.  In his most recent position as Commanding General, Army Materiel Command (AMC), he was responsible for a staff of over 50,000 civilians and active military members.   He has completed three combat tours and received numerous awards.  General Kern graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1967, holds Masters Degrees in both Civil and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and was a Senior Security Fellow at the John F. Kennedy School at Harvard University.


RedX and UCSD Announce Breakthrough in
Explosives Detection

ROCKVILLE, MD—May 24, 2006—RedXDefense, LLC and researchers in Dr. Trogler’s lab at the University of California, San Diego, have jointly developed a novel, low-cost optical method for the trace detection of additional classes of explosives, including explosives such as RDX and PETN.  This new technology can be combined with existing RedX technology and significantly broadens the range of explosives detected. [learn more...] RedX has signed its third licensing agreement with UCSD for these fluorescent detection inks, which are the basis for RedX’s suite of innovative products.






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The XPAK at Warrior Expo 2011

RedXDefense becomes ADS preferred vendor

SafeTactics Presents the XPAK to European Defense Organizations

DHS Awards RedXDefense Contract for Phase II Development of Innovative Product for Homeland Security

XPAK demonstrated to CST members and other 1st Responders.

XPAK-i featured in Armada International.

XPAK at the 2010 Tactical Expo Day

Advanced Technology Systems Company to demonstrate XPAK at SOFEX 2010 in Jordan.

DARPA Awards RedXDefense Contract for Development of Innovative Technology for Explosives Detection.

RedXDefense Exhibits at SPECOPS 2010 Warfighter Expo, April 12-15, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

RedXDefense Featured in Armada International Publication, June/July issue: Roadside Bomb Detection.

RedXDefense Positioned in Saudi Arabia, signs Distributor.

RedXDefense Demonstrates Technology to Railway Security Office of Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation, and Tourism (MLIT).

U.S. Marine Corps with Royal Thai Military Conduct Successful Field Evaluation of XPAK-i

Allen-Vanguard to Distribute RedXDefense’s XPAK Explosives Detector Worldwide

RedXDefense Launches Streamlined System for Collection and Analysis...

DoD Deploys XPAK Explosives Detection Systems to Iraq and Afghanistan

Frost & Sullivan Names RedXDefense 2008 U.S. Explosives Detection Product Innovation Leader...

U.S. Park Police uses XPAK for Explosives Screening during National Mall Independence Day Celebration

Major Chris Hunter, Former British Armed Forces Senior IED Intelligence Analyst, Joins RedXDefense Advisory Board...

XPAK featured in Technology Review ...

"New Methods for Defeating IEDs”
Regina Dugan guest speaker at IED 2008...

CSI: MIAMI uses RedXDefense XPAK to solve crime...

RedXDefense contributes to Golden Guardian 2007-California's emergency testing exercise...

Deputy Police Commissioner endorses XPAK...

XPAK passes independent testing...

XPRO Kiosk from RedXDefense featured as a "Product of the Month" by A&S Magazine...

Major shipping company endorses RedXDefense portable explosives detection system...

RedX selected for multi-million dollar effort to develop innovative merger of canine detection and technology...

DHS awards contract to RedXDefense to develop guest screening system for public venues...

General Paul Kern joins RedX Advisory Board...

RedX and UCSD announce breakthrough in explosives detection...


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